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I am pleased to report that ThinCats has now passed the £100m of loans made mark and the accelerating pace and size of loans means that we are on-track to make another £100m within the next 12 months – less than a quarter of the 51 months it took us to make the first £100m.

I have pleasure in confirming we are now able to offer a simple ThinCats-only SIPP, through our partnership with SIPPclub.  This is exclusive to ThinCats and strengthens our leading position in this market. We believe that there are more personal pensions being invested on ThinCats than all other peer to peer platforms combined and several of the 70 or so personal pensions have now been investing successfully on ThinCats for more than 4 years. The main constraint on the number of SIPPs being used for peer to peer lending has been the cost of operating a SIPP that made pensions of less than about £100,000 uneconomic. ThinCats has now solved that problem with its unique low-cost SIPP.

It allows you to make your own lending decisions and will cost just £350 plus VAT per year plus a one-off charge of £75 if you transfer an existing pension. Importantly, there will not be a minimum investment amount and you WILL be able to make your own lending decisions. To qualify you will need to certify that you are an experienced investor and you will be expected to make your own investment decisions without any advice. Investments through the SIPP will be limited to ThinCats loans although for an extra cost you will be allowed to extend the types of investments you make.

If you would like details of this SIPP, please visit our page on SIPPclub.  When you complete the form on the page, you will be sent details of the ThinCats-only SIPP.  Here’s the link you need –
Kevin Caley
CEO & Founder of ThinCats UK 


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