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Thank you for all of your support during our time as a ThinCats borrower. Your vision for the ThinCats business, and execution has allowed us to grow substantially over the past 3 years, when traditional banks would not have allowed us to borrow. (Joshua)

I love the straight forward approach of ThinCats and the fact that we are dealing with the actual decision makers about the application for the loan and facilitation of the loan process through their online platform. (David)

We recently acquired funding from ThinCats to expand our business interests. Personally I found the process very professional by ThinCats and was delighted by the result. Our successful raising allowed us to enter into more competitive buying contracts and increase our profit margin. (Ben)

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ThinCats Australia assists companies raise loans ranging from $50k to $300k. Borrowers can apply for loans directly through ThinCats Australia or through our network of Sponsors and Introducers.

Our Credit team reviews loan applications and supporting documentation, assesses the security on offer and assists in preparation (on borrowers behalf) of an information pack to be presented to lenders on the platform. We answer questions from lenders during the loan auction process and monitor the loan after it has been completed.

What does the platform offer?

The Platform allows business loans ranging from $50k to $300k either interest only or repayable in fixed monthly instalments of principal and interest over periods ranging from 2 to 5 years at competitive rates. The amount of the fixed monthly repayments depends upon the amount borrowed, the term of the loan and the rate of interest based on our risk scorecard. The range of interest rates from 12% p.a. to 20% p.a. is designed to assist a broad range of SME’s with affordable interest rates in the market gap between Bank secured overdraft rates of generally upto 12% p.a. and the Bank unsecured (business credit card) rates of up around 20%.

All our loans are flexible with full early repayment permissible at any time without any additional costs or interest. Longer terms allow the borrower to use the funds for a range of working capital and longer term purposes.

Who do we want to work with?

Please download the key borrowing criteria to get a broad understanding of eligibility criteria that we evaluate before listing a loan on the ThinCats Australia platform.

What fees do we charge?

Borrowers are charged a one-off fee of around 6% of the loan amount, payable on arrangement of the finance and usually deducted from the loan at settlement, and a monthly loan administration fee* calculated on the outstanding loan balance, and paid in equal instalments over the term of the loan. All these fees are subject to GST.

*Monthly loan administration fees start from 0.25% p.m. and may vary depending on the loan size, risk and other factors, however, always agreed to before the loan is listed on the platform.

Borrowers will also be charged legal fees and disbursements incurred by our lawyers in relation to preparation of loan security documentation.

Where loans are originated by Sponsors or Introducers, we will based on our own arrangements, share some of our fees with individual Sponsors and Introducers.

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